Hollyhill Dahlias

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Number varieties offered: 56 12 of these varieties (21%) are unique to this seller
Sold Out for the Current Season
Hollyhill Bewitched11
Hollyhill Black Beauty11
Hollyhill Black Cherry12
Hollyhill Bridget9
Hollyhill Cafe Rose16
Hollyhill Calico8
Hollyhill Candy Crush14
Hollyhill Code Red10
Hollyhill Confetti12
Hollyhill Contessa12
Hollyhill Diablo14
Hollyhill Diamond9
Hollyhill Dr Rick12
Hollyhill Electra12
Hollyhill Exotica12
Hollyhill Finlandia16
Hollyhill Funhouse11
Hollyhill Gordon12
Hollyhill Hello Dolly11
Hollyhill Hotshot10
Hollyhill Icarus10
Hollyhill Jeanette12
Hollyhill Jester8
Hollyhill Jitterbug12
Hollyhill Karen Lee11
Hollyhill Kris Kringle15
Hollyhill Leda10
Hollyhill Lemon Chiffon14
Hollyhill Lilliput10
Hollyhill Liz10
Hollyhill Masquerade15
Hollyhill Miss White11
Hollyhill Moonsong12
Hollyhill Paris9
Hollyhill Pink Cadillac14
Hollyhill Pink Tigress10
Hollyhill Pixie12
Hollyhill Regal12
Hollyhill Ruby Tuesday12
Hollyhill Rudolph11
Hollyhill Showtime14
Hollyhill Six-In-One8
Hollyhill Snowfire12
Hollyhill Spreckles10
Hollyhill Starburst10
Hollyhill Summer Wine10
Hollyhill Sunny Boy10
Hollyhill Sweet 1610
Hollyhill Tangerine13
Hollyhill Tigress10
Hollyhill Warlock10
Hollyhill Zahara14
Hollyhill Zarina12
Josudi Telstar10
Ryecroft Pixie10
Winkie Lambrusco10