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WARNING: Exposure to this site may result in extreme turfgrass loss in susceptible individuals.

Those with modest urban lots may wish to exercise caution. Additional side effects may include garden budget distension and high petal counts.

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Welcome to Dahlia Addict

At my grocery store, the checkers are so helpful. "Did you find everything you needed today?" If you're like me, the answer is always, "And then some." I hope this site helps you find the dahlia varieties you've been looking for, and perhaps a few more.

There are over 3,000 varieties listed for sale by 50+ venders. What a fun Winter project, and a dahlia database is FUN.

What's the most popular dahlia? Spartacus. I don't have hard data on this, but I'd bet the dahlia farm that Cafe Au Lait varies the most in price.

Why Can't I find Raspberry Twinkle, Puff-N-Stuff or Aztec Gold?

Because they're under Caproz Raz'bry Twinkle, EV Puff-N-Stuff and Wyn's Aztec Gold.

TIP: If you can't locate a variety that really ought to be there, try Googling to see if it has a more formal name. The reverse may be true when you go to a supplier's site.