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John Meadot in Jun 2018
Planted as per instructions and these tubers never sprouted an eye--they appeared to be cut too close, as if they were discards from dividing. The owner was very hostile, such terrible customer service and some blank spots in my garden now as a result of receiving such bad stock
Rachel Matza in May 2018
Changed name to Garden Song. Very bad experience with them two years ago,would never have used again. Received tubers that are totally non viable with no neck (so no eye), ripped up. Sent pictures to vendor, she became increasingly hostile and told me to just plant them, she would only consider refund in the fall if I mailed back non-shriveled intact tubers then (which was not possible given the state of them). She suggested I had potted them incorrectly as "bench tubers" and indicated she would not refund for anyone planting the wrong way. I contacted my credit card company--Tartan at $12 a tuber should be usable--end result is that the vendor wrote a nasty email and has posted on front of her website that I have stolen from her. She lists my name and address and demands her $$
Stephanie Marsh in May 2018
Update: Out of 9 tubers received, 5 have not produced a plant. I closed the PayPal case I had against her to stop the harassment, so I have no recourse at this point, except to spread the word that this seller is dishonorable and will harass you to no end should you ask her to make things right.

Seller failed to include one tuber in the order shipment. When I contacted them by email, the owner became very hostile, accusatory, defaming and harassing and sent many emails, each becoming more aggressive and violent than the last. I stopped responding after 3 emails, however she continued with several more harassing messages. She then published my name and address on her site stating that I had stolen from her. One order from this seller has become a nightmare over one $6.95 tuber.

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