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Rachel Cross in Mar 2018
Mrs Debra was so kind!!! I bought 200 varieties this year from so many places! I can't say enough ab how kind Bear Creek Farm was to me! Her kindness stood out above all the rest of the suppliers I bought from! Buying over 200 varieties, I bought from Many places. All the tubers I received were healthy, firm, strong tubers. After planting, all came up & are growing great & super healthy - extremely pleased with my purchase at Bear Creek Farm!!!! Will be a dedicated customer for years to come - highly recommend this supplier :) :) :)
Steve in Dec 2017
This is my second year of tubers from Bear Creek Farm. They handily answer any questions I have by email or phone and last year their dahlias seemed to be taller with bigger blooms than any others of the same variety I purchased in the past.
Victoria in Nov 2017
I have enjoyed the Dahlias from Bear Creek Farm all season. They are spectacular!

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