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Sylvia in Jul 2018
2 orders of 7 varieties for a total of 17 tubers. One order of 9 they replaced after complaint about quality, so a total of 26 tubers + 1 bonus. Only 1 viable tuber total. Their tubers look like they have been frozen - they all turn into mush. Will never purchase from them again.
Jane Sherrott in May 2018
I received soft tubers and when I contacted them about this received no response.
Judy in Jan 2018
Amazing folks to deal with!
Sylvia in Jan 2018
Very interesting catalog, but they can't service the number of customers they are advertising to. Minus one star for stock unavailable after ordering Minus one star for tubers that looked like shriveled shoe laces. Business side is efficient and refunds were issued promptly.
Evelia in Dec 2017
UPDATE: Received refund for my order.
I thought they were worth the extra money, but they are not. I received shriveled bulbs and three didn't grow so I contacted them they never refunded me. I feel ripped off. 2017 order still no refund
Maggie in Dec 2017
They offer an interesting variety, but I have had the following issues: 1) One tuber I received was blind 2) Another tuber was clearly mislabeled and grew into something mysterious, I am not really sure what variety it ended up being 3) Stock was unavailable after being ordered
ed in Nov 2017
Unavailable stock after ordered. Blown centers on a couple, but Floret is more for cut flowers then show.
Loving Dahlias in Nov 2017
The Floret Flower Farm website and blog are enormously helpful- full of tips and observations on growing dahlias as well as bulbs and seeds. I highly recommend spending a few hours reading their information. The bulbs and dahlias I ordered from Floret were big and healthy. Communications were clear and timely. Love this place!
Blown Dry in Nov 2017
Some problems with blind or rotted tubers, but their customer service was very good about it. Stock that grew was true to name and healthy. Thrilled to get some recently imported varieties available nowhere else.

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