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Number varieties offered: 138 12 of these varieties (9%) are unique to this seller

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars (7 reviews)
Melissa in Jun 2018
One of my favorite vendors to buy tubers from! Stellar customer service and fabulous stock quality and selection.
Drew Graham in Jun 2018
I've been doing business with this vendor BEFORE she opened her business---always top notch customer service !
Dee in Apr 2018
Fantastic varieties and super nice customer service !
Jerry Hinds in Feb 2018
Grower has great stock and is willing to work with you to please. Great seller.
Jon George in Jan 2018
This grower is dedicated to disease free stock and carries varieties that do well in my garden.
Blown Dry in Nov 2017
Gorgeous varieties from a conscientious grower. So many rich colors! Will be ordering many this year.
Ed in Nov 2017
Great selection, nice-looking tubers. Like the pictures. Will buy again.

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