Arrowhead Dahlias

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Number varieties offered: 145 18 of these varieties (12%) are unique to this seller

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Average rating: 4.20 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)
Jill Fielder in Apr 2018
Good tubers, nice people, smooth purchase. I'll be back.
James in Nov 2017
Many of our best dahlias can be traced back to Arrowhead dahlia stock. They are responsive to emails and phone calls. Customer service is excellent!! I highly recommend you give Arrowhead Dahlias a try.
Ed in Nov 2017
The varieties I wanted most were all virused. One was blown centered. Other ones were fine, but I could get those anywhere. Not likely to buy again.
Noni Morrison in Nov 2017
I have gotten some very nice tubers from Arrowhead at good prices, but every year there have been a few that looked virused and I pulled them, as well as some that were open centered all season. I would recommend a more careful checking of plants at the end of the season and removing the duds before they sell tubers.
Melissa in Nov 2017
Picked up a couple possible replacement tubers in late Spring, as I worried about a couple that weren't eyeing up. They sent me a bonus that was worth more than the 2 I purchased, and they all grew fabulously in my garden. A+

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