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Darlene McGuire in Mar 2018
I received my tubers yesterday and they are beautiful. This is my second year buying from her. The tubers are awesome,plump and ready to pop. She gives a nice instruction sheet with the order. And her website is the best. Thank you so much for sharing your love with us.
Brian Killingsworth in Mar 2018
I rec'd my shipment on the date that I requested. The packing was extremely well done with all the insulation needed by the tubers. As for the tubers, they are in excellent shape with visible eyes, ready to be potted for a head start. I was overwhelmed by Jan's generosity, sending SIX free tubers- all of which were top names and quality. I will definitely buy from her in the future! BK
Gary in Jan 2018
Selection and customer service is excellent. My orders from there are very good. On occasion I do get small tubers, but often she puts in an extra one of the same variety. Have gotten some tubers that needed TLC and a few that just did not make it. overall a very good supplier.
J.D. in Nov 2017
Selection and customer service is excellent. Most of my order from there is great. Sometimes includes very small/skinny tubers that require special pampering if they are to have a good shot at life, and a few sometimes turn out to be wimpy/virused.

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