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Number varieties offered: 83 12 of these varieties (14%) are unique to this seller

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)
Betty in Jul 2018
Excellent customer service. Great quality tubers! Excellent packaging/shipping.
Jane in May 2018
Top quality tubers.
Ed in Mar 2018
Great new releases, not so great customer outreach. Never a bonus or a double-tuber, with dormant eyes that take forever to sprout. A perfunctory owner that does everything exactly 'by the book' but comes off as rude on the phone. Got virus on a new release last season, and ate the $20 over calling to complain. Learned my lesson. Just not worth the hassle to be told I don't know what I'm doing. Will still order for the new releases, but grudgingly. AC varieties some of the best out there.
Phyllis Stengl in Mar 2018
Really good quality tubers. Ken is flexible in delivery possibility. Great varieties!
Jon George in Jan 2018
Ken Greenway's AC dahlia varieties outperform anything else in my hot weather garden. Did I mention they were my favorite?!
Sylvia in Jan 2018
Great dahlias. Great service. Nothing mislabeled.
Blown Dry in Dec 2017
Look forward to their new releases every year. Specializes in big, spectacular dahlias. A few times I've gotten a new release whose flowers are always malformed, but I am so blinded by the others that it's hard to get mad. Their (email) customer service is pretty perfunctory in my experience, but their stock is such there is not much call for it. Never a mis-named.
Tod Gordon in Dec 2017
Amazing new hybrids every year, I always can't wait to see what they have next. Great quality tubers!

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