Recently Added Varieties

WARNING: Exposure to this site may result in extreme turfgrass loss in susceptible individuals.

Those with modest urban lots may wish to exercise caution. Additional side effects may include garden budget distension and high petal counts.

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Welcome to Dahlia Addict 2018

I hope you all like the new banners. I tried to keep them tasteful. Ohhh, wait.

Anyway! Vendor reviews are live. Please give us the benefit of your experience. Click on the stars by a supplier's name to leave a review and see other company info.

As of 12/11 there is a new name search feature: searching by keyword. Knock yourselves out. Search on 'dark' and 'ebony' and get started on that goth dahlia garden of your dreams.

Instead of cramming all of you lovely folks on the home page, supporters are now going to have a 'letter' so I can better express my appreciation. Your name, handle, initials, or dedication will appear on all the search results for a particular letter.

No plans for images, but I changed the icon for the Google Image Search so that it is more obvious. A click on that link takes you to image search results for that specific variety. Also, if you haven't checked out the search form that allows you to search by size, form and/or color (it's under the alphabet on the right) you're missing out. I like to search for all the available Giants...

Happy dahlia hunting everyone! I hope the coming months are kind to you, and if they cannot be, may your gardens be a source of peace.

Why Can't I find Raspberry Twinkle, Puff-N-Stuff or Aztec Gold?

Because they're under Caproz Raz'bry Twinkle, EV Puff-N-Stuff and Wyn's Aztec Gold.

TIP: If you can't locate a variety that really ought to be there, try Googling to see if it has a more formal name. The reverse may be true when you go to a supplier's site.